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To offer a personalised service to find good quality care for you or your loved one.

Uniquely placed to secure care without compromising on the quality.

Providing independent care advice and guidance.

Source, locate and negotiate with care providers of good quality care or accommodation.

Offer personal assistance and practical help to save precious time and lighten the load.

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“Two thirds of people never consider old age care”

The Daily Telegraph



Personal Profile

Having worked in the adult health and social care sector Tina wanted to provide a more personalised and discreet service that means you remain in control without the hassle and with her experience is able to source the best care available.

Worked in the Health and Social Care Sector for 25 Years.

Independent Qualified Professional Manager.

Broad In Depth Knowledge.

Safeguarding Experience Ensuring Vulnerable Adults are Safe and Secure.

Checked by the Police Disclosure and Debarring Service copies available on request.

Tina Waas BA (HONS) SOC.C.Q.S.W
Health and Care Professions Council Registered


“There are 800,000 older people who need care
but do not receive it from the state”

The Guardian



Personal Commitment

A thorough, discreet, complete professional assessment of a client’s needs involving all the key people wherever possible.

Provide the best information and advice that can be gathered so an informed choice can be made.

  • Keeping the client informed at all stages of the process.
  • Make recommendations that are in the best interest of the person in need of care.
  • Give the time and space to consider options and make decisions.
  • Provide assistance to recruit the right care conducting detailed searches for the chosen type of care or accommodation.
  • Only share private details or undertake tasks on the client's behalf with their permission.

Not to breach clients’ confidentiality without consent unless the client is at risk of harming themselves or others or the client is at risk of being harmed.

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It’s making time for “golden moments” with residents, where they just sit and chat or hold their hands. 

The Guardian



Feedback from my latest workshop

“Very well covered”…”Clarified many points”…”Extremely valuable”…”Very useful”…”Very fully and carefully explained”…”Safe environment to ask questions”…”Great knowledge base”…”Fantastic learning”…”Very much appreciated”


"Thanks again so much for your advice and help." CA Twickenham

"Thank you so much for your help and confidence building in me" CC of Kingston

"Many thanks for the information." DW Kingston

"I have found Tina extremely valuable, reliable and trustworthy who has an extensive knowledge base and has helped me with paperwork and making choices." MB Chiswick

"You were so kind and helpful. Thank you for helping me get the ball rolling." CC North Kingston

"I have known Tina personally for over 10 years and found her responsible, honest and trustworthy"
Paula Brackenridge

I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial and can recommend Tina as a reliable person who cares about providing a good service."
Andrea Driffield (retired social worker), Bournemouth, Dorset.


“The Care Act 2015/16 is the biggest change in social care
in more than 60 years”

Age Concern


Money Matters

Saves Time and Money.

Reduce the Cost of Care.

Advise on Future Health Welfare and Financial Matters.


Initial consultation £75
£44 per hour
£250 per day
£1000 per week or 7 days
Bespoke and annual fees on request

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Contact me

Please do drop me an email with any questions you have.